Warehouse Automation

Autonomous material flow for hands-off warehouse operations

Cartons being moved to shelves

Warehouse Automation Features

The Tralcer Advantage

Real-Time Navigation

3D indoor maps get automatically
updated as things change

Highly responsive location
detection & path guidance.

Fully graphical and real-time
like car navigation

Integrates with WMS to navigate pick-up & put-away tasks

Navigation using tablets or
smartphones mounted on MHE

Warehouse Control System

Connects with most equipments

Integration and seamless data sharing across WAVES modules

Optimize routing and task assignments

Improved capacity utilization
and efficiency

Teach and Auto Learn

E-Commerce friendly

Digital Twin

Minimal In-person human

Self learning, adapting
and optimizing

Handles reputative tasks at
very high speed and efficiency

Realtime remote Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Off-line simulation for R&D

Autonomous Material Flow

Hands-off warehouse operations

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